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Monday, December 20, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

So I don't think I'm getting teeth for Christmas, but I sure do drool a lot, a sure sign that they'll be popping up in the next couple months or so.

It's definitely been an exciting busy week since mom and dad have gotten home from vacation.  The weekend was spent just getting to know them again and then bam, wouldn't you know it...dad had to fly off to Chicago for work again.  On Tuesday (12/14) I went over to see Grandpa Dido and Donna and guess who else was there.  I'm sure you won't guess so I'll just tell you....Grandpa BobBob.  What a surprise!  Dido and Donna cooked us a fabulous meal and I even got to play in a ducky tub (water not included).

On Thursday (12/16) mom hosted a holiday party for some people at work.  It was a house-full but we had a grand time.  Patty's bossman (who a few of you know) Craig even held me for awhile.  

Does my head look huge?

On Friday, the Homeowners Association hosted a party at Hoopers.  Mom, dad, Megan, and Uncle Jason (who we met for the first time) popped in to say hello.  By the way, Jason came to visit me at the hospital right after I was born, but I was in the NICU at the time (see second blog post).  He then departed for his Doc Degree at Texas Tech so this was the first time I got to meet him.  Anyway, the party was fun and I got passed around from neighbor to neighbor.  At one point mom and dad where on the opposite side of the room, but I saw dad peeking over occasionally to make sure someone didn't run off with me to sell in some child slave labor trafficking ring. And, if you think I'm kidding here's proof that it could have happened (click Linky)...I do have little ¼ Asian fingers.

On Saturday, mom and dad hosted another party at their house.  The theme was an Ugly Sweater/White Elephant Gift party.  Let me tell you some people truly lived up to the theme (you know who you are...Mr. Schnetzer). 

The gifts were fun and dad got his favorite book that was already on his Christmas wish list.  Brad got a can of Potted Meat Product and actually gave it a taste. 

Potted Meat Product?

Dad's New Favorite Read
Davenport Family Photo

Sunday, the Grampses (that's Gramps pluralized) came over again to watch the Chiefs game.  BobBob even brought over a new toy for me.  It's an Excersaucer and it's fabulous!  I can stand in it or sit down and have a multitude of toys within my reach.  As you can see from my poopy diaper, that was just how excited I was to play in it.  I should be embarrassed by a pic of poo all over my back, but come on....even dad has "been there, done that".

Video: Blowing Raspberries

So here are the pics I promised to post from when I stayed at Grandma Mimi's for a week.  She sure does love the belly shots of me. 


Amelia Kay on December 21, 2010 at 8:50 AM said...

Wow, that is quite the blow out Maddie. I'm thinking that I am going to steer clear of that cereal stuff for a while if that is what happens!

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