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Friday, December 3, 2010

First Bites

Tuesday was my 4 month birthday.  To mark this momentous occasion I got to watch part of the MU v. Georgetown BBall game with dad.  In my opinion MU got robbed and the game should never have gone into overtime, but I'm pretty sure everyone who watched the game knows this already.  Other than that, the 4 month mark was pretty much a non-event.  Mom says turning 33 years old is pretty much the same thing, so I might as well get used to that now.

Wednesday 12/1 was another Doctor checkup for me.  I'm now at 13lbs 9oz (50 percentile) and am 23 inches tall (25 percentile).  At the very bottom of this post there's a dandy little graph to show how I'm tracking. 

I got the usual gargantuan number of shots every 4 month old gets - one liquid something or other to suck down and 2 sticks in my leg, one in each thigh.  As mom and dad saw from my reaction, I'm probably going to pass on getting my ears or belly button pierced for awhile. 

Other exciting news is that I'm now on solids.  Mom and dad gave me a taste of some Rice cereal for the first time.  Their thinking is cereal, then bath, then milk, then bed.  I think this is a smarter order than milk, bath, bed, cereal or even milk, bath, cereal, bed.  As long as cereal comes before bath, we're in business.  Some good footage of me and my first bites:

Couple of comments here. 
1) Cereal is messy.  It went all down my chin, onto my bib, but I liked it enough to keep half of it in my mouth. 
2) Calling this stuff "solid" seems to be reaching pretty far here.  It was basically thick milk considering the mixing ratio is 1 parts cereal to 5 parts milk.  I'd still consider it a liquid diet.  Regardless, I think mom and dad enjoyed laughing at me. 
3) Eating was way fun and I can't wait to sample some more stuff.  I'm hoping the next food group I move to will be the McDonald's McRib (and yes, this is it's own food group).

On Friday night, Gramps came and had dinner with us and then after he got the joy of feeding me as well.  He was a pro and it seemed like more went in my mouth than on my bib.  Good work BobBob.

PS - Mom and Pop will be in Aruba from Sunday through Friday so don't expect a post until 12/13 or later.  Gma Mimi will be watching me, but she doesn't transcribe as fast so doubt I'll get a post out.


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