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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who Was That Masked Man

Tuesday, December 21st started out like any normal day.  Eating, school, sleeping, etc.  After school mom and dad took me over to Uncle Ron's house.  Aunt Bebe made a tasty lasagna (of which I had none) and I got to play with Pierce and his gerbils.  After dinner and out of nowhere this large man in a red suit and black belt appears and puts me on his lap.  My reaction...who is this crazy guy and why is this stranger holding me.  That's my first encounter with Santa.  My second of course was Christmas morning when he left me a bunch of gifts for no reason.  Mom and dad said he left them because I sleep so well and am such a good little girl, but that's stupid...why would some stranger leave me gifts for doing nothing?

Here's some video of Pierce singing for Santa:

On Wednesday, my second cousin Megan Graeff drove through town and paid us a visit.  She got in early (drove from Colorado all night) and showered me with kisses and gifts!  She got me a super sweet new outfit that is super stretchy.  We dined at Cafe Europa that night and then I went to bed while dad and Megan went out to watch the MU basketball game.  Sadly she left for St. Louis/Murphysboro on Wednesday, but she'll be back through this week and is going to do a sleepover again. 

Friday (Christmas Eve) school was closed and mom took me out to Grandpa BobBob's.  It was the usual...a lot of Gramps holding and rocking me.  He's got the best lap. 

That evening we headed over to Grandpa Dido's place to do some dinner with him and Donna's family.  I had a great time and met a lot of new faces.  I didn't nap at all so when 7pm rolled around I was ready to head home.  Mom and dad told me we drove around and looked at Christmas lights on the way home (their usual tradition) and I promised to stay awake for it next year.

Who's your daddy?  I had a hard time figuring out

Saturday morning was Christmas of course!!!  I woke to a breakfast of warm milk and lots of presents under the tree.  Sam and Porter even got some goods.  Dad got me a cute pea green coat, a stuffed toy doggie, and a really pretty sweater dress.

As you can see from the pics above, opening presents was so exhausting I immediately needed a nap.

Christmas afternoon we went over to Uncle Ron's house to see the Duncan side of the family.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Mimi and Max make an appearance as well.  We had turkey and ham and cake and on and on and on.  Cousin Pierce made out like a banshee with a whole huge pile of fun.  Half of it was clothes which he didn't seem too interested in, but I LOVE clothes.  I made out with some nice goods!   Raggedy Ann is a fun addition to my collection.


Sunday morning we got up and had PEAS! for breakfast.  They look disgusting and from the look on my face you can tell they tasted even worse.  But I was a good girl and ate all my veggies like I was supposed to.  I'll be more excited for things like pears and sweet potatoes. 

Random photo of my signature Hook 'Em Horns pose.


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