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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day in the Life

So I have gotten into a pretty regular routine.  I wake up around 7:30, mom feeds me, I go to school, I pee, I play, I nap, I eat, etc. and around and around we go.  Mom usually picks me up around 4:30pm, I get a bath at 8pm, I eat dinner, then I'm down for the count around 8:30pm.  Let me tell you, it's a tough life.

Sometimes I get a little variation like Wednesdays when I get to see Gma Ta, or like last Friday when Gma Jeanne picked me up from school early.  Ocassionally I get to see friends of mom and dad's or friends of mine too.

So what were my special treats this week you ask?  Well on Wednesday we celebrated Gpa BobBob's bday.  He turned old.  I'd tell you his actual age, but I don't have enough fingers/toes/ears to count that high. 

My Burka keeps me warm during the cold weather days
Grandma Ta left for Thailand on Thursday.  I'm obviously very sad that I won't get to see her for a couple months!  She won't even recognize me when she gets back so mom has promised to send bunches of pics and videos while she's gone.  Thursday night, Gpa BobBob and Great Gma Dard came to join us for Thanksgiving dinner at the church.  We (I use that term lightly) had turkey, stuffing, and all the usual Turkey Day type of foods. 

Other events:
1) Lunch with Deb and Jeff (old coworkers of mom's) on Wed 11/17

2) Getting to see Gma Mimi for a surprise visit on Friday.  She bailed me out of school (she probably lied and told them I had an appt or something) and then I went back to school for the afternoon.

3) Hanging out with Kristin, Phil, and Amelia on Friday evening

4) Getting to see Mimi again on Saturday night while mom and dad went to a KCRep play downtown.  We played and spit up lots of good milk and she did my bedtime routine.

5) Sunday we went out to keep BobBob company since Gma is in Thailand.  We rooted on the Chiefs while the crazy dogs ran around outside.

Okie Joe's Goodness

I went to sleep rightside up, but ended up like this in the morning.
Here's some footage of me doing more "talking":


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