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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

Saturday, Oct 30 was a big day.  I officially turned 3 months old.  To kick off my birthday celebration Avery Davenport's parents decided to throw a surprise bash in my honor.  Or maybe it was a Halloween party.  Whatever...I like to think it was all for me.

We had a ghoulishly good time and as you saw in previous posts I went as a Zebra.  Mom and dad dressed as Scott Howard and Boof from Teen Wolf ...for those of you that don't remember the movie, I've included a snippet below.  Mom and dad even let me stay up until 11pm although I could barely keep my eyes open.  There were a lot of great costumes this year, but hat's off to my favorite, Mike D. in his Drag Queen Bee costume!

My first day at school
 This week dad had to fly out to Chicago again and this was my first week at "school".  Mom was a little apprehensive to figure out how to get ready for work, get me fed and dressed, and loaded up for day care all by herself.  But she figured it out somehow and only managed to be a little late for work :-)  In honor of the occasion I wore my "Brand New" shirt.  I even get a report card every day that tells mom and dad what I did such as playing peekaboo, when I take my naps, and how often I eat.

Monday night (11/1) Grandma, Gramps, and Barley came to visit us and we went to grab some pi-zah at Spin Pizza.  Yumma. 

Mom was off work on Wednesday so we went to slumber party with Gma and Gpa again and hung out all Wednesday.  Fun times.  Dad FINALLY came home on Thursday night in time for bath and bed time.  Then Friday, Nicole watched me for a couple hours so mom and dad could enjoy a dinner by themselves.  Seems like they'd have had a better time with me, but whatever.

Mom holding Amelia in her Pea Pod outfit

Mason Roue as Cookie Monster

Cholas crashed the party

Evan was dressed as a Firefighter earlier in the party

Random video snippet of me on my tum tum:


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