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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to....Not Me

Things to note this past week. 

Last Sunday was Grandpa Dido's bday.  To celebrate, we had him over to watch the Chiefs game with us.  Dad cooked some tenderloin and steaks (which were a little tough, but shhhh don't tell him that) and then had a little cherry cobbler for bday dessert.  He even let me help him blow out the candle!

Thursday night, Mom and I met Megan, Katrina, Dondi, and Kristin (sans Amelia) for dinner to celebrate Megan and Katrina's Bdays earlier in the week.  Apparently November is a good month for birthdays considering all those and Mom and Grandpa BobBob were all born in Nov as well.

Kind of out of order, but Monday evening, Todd (a photography guy) came to take some more pics of me.  Since the weather was so nice we did it outside and I got shoved into my Halloween costume again even through it was Nov 8th. 

Tuesday night we went and slumber partied at BobBob and Ta's again since dad was out of town.  Wednesday grandma bought me this cool mesh thing where you put fruit into and suck on it.  Since I'm still on my milk-only diet I was allowed an apple so instead I had my first taste if Ice.  It was cool...pun intended. 

Me sleeping at school.  I get my very own crib!
Other fun news.  Grandma Mimi bailed me out of school early.  I didn't even have to fake sick...she just wanted to watch me for the fun of it.  Zing!!!

Today (11/13) the Tigers played the Wildcats.  So it was mom and dad fighting it out on separate sides of the couch.  Sadly the game was a snoozefest with MU blowing KSU out of the water.  This was apparent by the snoozing taking place by Schatz and Emmerson.  As they say, when baby takes a nap, you should too.  He was fully accepting of that advice.  We were joined by a few other friends, Tam, Lucas, and Ava who left early and Mr. Michael Dreilling himself.  We had some one on one time...Cougar (his girlfriend) would have been so proud to see him in action.

Over the last couple weeks I've gotten a lot more talkative.  You can watch me in the video below:


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