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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All About Me

First things first.  I skipped crawling and walking and went straight to dancing (watch via the link below).  Gpa BobBob was in charge of the video camera.  Thanks grandpa!!!

So these posts are supposed to be all about me, but this time I'll share the limelight.  Monday was Mom's birthday.  She turned old.  Not Gpa BobBob old, but still up there.  In fact she says the only way she remembers how old she is now is to remember the year she was born, then do the math.  Something like this:
Current Year - Birth Year = Old

Here's how her birthday day went...
1) I slept straight until 7:30am again - good

2) She dropped her new phone she activated on Sunday and cracked the screen - bad

3) Gpa BobBob called and forgot to wish her happy birthday - bad

4) BobBob called back and said happy birthday - good

5) She didn't get to eat a McRib all day - bad

6) Dad cooked her a really nice dinner and bought her flowers - good

7) She had a Blizzard for dessert - good

4 Goods and 3 Bads, so overall she was happy.

Some things to note on Tuesday...her phone got fixed for free (thank goodness for insurance) and she picked it up, she got pulled over for speeding but the cop let her off since it was day after birthday, she ate a McRib for lunch, and Dido had her, dad, and Bob over for dinner and some bday cake.  Good, good, good, good.  That really makes it 8 to 3.  Yea mom!

Getting ready for Christmas!


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