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Friday, May 20, 2011

M.L. Phone Home

On Sunday, mom and I spent some more time with my Thailand friends before they head back.  We had a nice meal.  I always sit by Great Gma Dard (she loves staring at me) and BobBob who does a great job feeding me.  Mmmm...pass some more corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, and baked beans!


Monday I was sent home from school a wee bit early.  There's this stomach bug thing going around school and I think I got it.  I went back on Tuesday, and as a treat to make me feel better, Mimi busted me out for a 1/2 day and I got to spend the afternoon with her at home.  After she left, mom and dad strolled me over to Julian to enjoy a snack outside.

Apparently I gave dad whatever I had because he was sick all Wednesday night, but it was definitely worse for him. I'm afraid it was like 9/11 times.

I've been doing a lot more crawling around on the floor and am getting better and navigating to where I want to end up.  I crawled over to my toy corner, but I didn't even begin to know where to start.  Aggggh too many toys!

Here are some pics from daycare.  Funny how my friend Evan, who also happens to be a boy, has more hair than me.

Here's some recent art work I've done titled "Birds in Flight".  As you can see I've taken a very literal view and even included cotten ball clouds versus a more abstract perspective that I could have used.

Here I am receiving a call from dad.

This post is in loving memory of mom's cousin PK.  He passed away at the early age of 27.  He will be dearly remembered always by his family.


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