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Monday, April 7, 2014


March 22nd was the start of my "staycation".   I went to BobBob and Ta's, Graham went to Mimi's, and Mom and Dad took a much needed trip to Mexico with their friends Mike, Katrina, Carrie, Tara and Chris!

We really missed mom and dad, but were in great hands and got spoiled by the grandparents!  Here's what I learned in school while they were gone:

On March 29th, I went to Wonderscope.  I forgot how much I love that place and Graham had a great time too.

We went out to BT's the next day and finally got to spend some time outside.

Yes...that's 3 kids in one tub!

Matching jammies!

In other news...Maddie helped fill Easter Eggs and Grammy is finally starting to do a better job eating big kid food.

TWINS!  Sloan and I wore the same dress, same leggings, same socks, and silver shoes by accident.

Saturday, April 5th was Avery's 5th birthday party.  We all went to Monkey Business and it was AWESOME!

Graham graduated to a forward facing seat in dad's car and I'm in a booster.

We did egg hunt at Miss Amber's gym on 4/6.

And we enjoyed Dido, Donna's, and Uncle Dave Mason's company on 4/7.


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