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Monday, October 4, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Well, it was another busy weekend I spent gallavanting (great word) around town.  After spending Tues through Thurs out with BobBob, Ta, Mom and the dogs, I came home to welcome dad home from his first week of traveling for work.  He's in Chicago every other week now and will be gone this coming week again.  It's sad when he's gone, but grandma and grandpa spoil me rotten with lots of holding time and kisses to ease my pain.

Friday morning started off with coffee with the girls (Amelia and her mom Kristin).  We met on the plaza and strollered around.  Mom even picked up a pretty sweet halloween costume for me.  Apparently she's going to get her money out of the thing and I'll be debuting it this week, but we'll wait to post pics until after Avery Davenports kickin' Halloween party.  Friday evening mom and dad hosted a "Fly the Flag" for the neighborhood association.  Basically they supply the booze and the neighbors drop by with a snack.  We had a fun time and enjoyed the wonderful fall weather.

Me with Rhino (pictured right)
Saturday started with another trip to the plaza so dad could get ANOTHER pair of jeans.  I snagged me some more fancy digs from Baby Gap (they were on sale) before we headed home.  In the afternoon I took my first trip to the zoo.  Mom and dad kept saying how they remembered it being a little cooler place back in the "good old days".  For example, they supposedly had peacocks just running around loose but don't anymore.  The neatest thing was the polar bear exibit.  Nikita is its name (I can't remember if it's a boy or girl) and it put on quite the show for us.  It walked around, rolled in the dirt, then swam some laps.  Riddle me this...what the heck does the thing do in the summer when it's 1000 degrees?  Hello, we live in Kansas City.  If anyone knows the answer, email me - maddie.ludlow@gmail.com.

Me with Nikita in background

Sunday morning we met Jackson Markham (Jen and Tyson's son) at Coffee Girls for a little coffee (der) and some scones.  Sunday afternoon Dad went to the last Royals game of the season and got to sit in the Crown Club seats with Mr. Dave Schatz (Emerson Schatz's dad) so mom, me, and the dawgs headed out to BobBob and Ta's again so mom could go for a run while they watched me.  She also scored some M&M cookies to bring home so I guess the drive out to O-Town was worth the while.  The rest of the evening was pretty low key so dad could get psyched up for his travels again.

The other cool thing I learned how to do this weekend.  Sitting in the Bumbo and holding a ball.  Thanks Mike D. and Kat for loaning this to mom and dad.  It's the coolest thing ever!
Self Portrait

Self Portrait 2


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