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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleeping Like a Log

Today's post is going to be a little disorganized.  Let's start with the most important news first.  I am now sleeping 8+ hours.  THAT'S RIGHT, EIGHT HOURS!  On Wednesday night I slept 8 hours straight.  On Thursday night 9 hours, and on Friday (Oct 8) night 10 hours straight. I didn't ask to have for my diaper to be changed or for food or calm me after a bad dream.  No wonder mom has been so happy when she comes in to get me in the morning.

Next, I want to give everyone a little tip here.  Never stick your child in a Baby Bjorn and attempt to chop onions.  I mean that should clearly be put on the label not to do so.  Or maybe it is on the label, but if it is, dad forgot to read it.  About a minute into chopping it took me basically having a seizure fit to realize this may not be the best idea he's ever had.  Mom got a good laugh out of it.  Me, not so much laughing.
Baby Bjorn
(not me pictured)

Now on to other news:
The week started off with dad leaving for Chicago again.  He told me he'd be back on Thursday to give me loads of hugs and kisses.  Mom had a lunch date with the girls so we picked up Katrina on the way and then treked over to Ingredient at Town Center and I was introduced to Megan and Carrie.  We had a lovely time and Megan even held me for short awhile. The rest of the day included a visit by Mimi who talks and sings to me so well and a trip over to see my other grandparents, Dido and Donna.  Overall a busy, well rounded day.

Tuesday afternoon we headed to BobBob and Ta's for another slumber party.  The afternoon was lazily spent outside on the swing before we headed to CPK for dinner.  Mmmm...Thai Chicken Pizza.  I think it'd be good even if I wasn't 1/4th Thai  (technically 1/8th Thai and 1/8th Chinese, but they all look the same anyway right).

At the Classic Cup

Wednesday, October 6th, was Ta's birthday.  That morning mom loaded me up to go meet Amelia and Kristin at the Classic Cup on the plaza.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I just snoozed out on the back deck.  I'm pretty sure Amelia did the same.  The evening was spent gearing up for the birthday party.  I was dressed in my finest duds when Great Grandma Dard, Ronnie, Brandi, and cousin Pierce came over.  We dined outside and right before the cake came out I had a crying fit.  I just wasn't feeling up to singing happy birthday and therefore am left out of the video below.  It took me about 20 minutes of wailing before I got it all out of my system and calmed down.  This is the night I slept 8 hours.  I guess I just exhausted myself out. 

Great Gma Dard

Thursday afternoon we headed home in time for Tara to drop by for a visit.  I remember her holding me a couple weeks after I was born and she was scared to death, but now that I'm much sturdier (fatter) she seemed to enjoy it much more.  Daddy got home and covered me with the kisses he promised.  I missed him a lot and he promised to stay home for at least all next week.  We won't mention how KSU lost their hineys to NU that night.  Wait, I guess I did just mention it. 

On Friday we headed to Amelia's house for a bagel and coffee.  Kristin had to run some errands so mom managed to watch both me and Amelia on her own for about 30 minutes.  Mom wasn't too excited when I started getting fussy/hungry and Amelia started crying to be held.  I guess she won't be offering in home day care any time soon.  Friday night dad had "the boys" over for poker night.  I thought Mike D. was going to bring my friend Avery but she was out of town with her mom.  I did get to see my cousin Pierce since Unclue Ron joined in on the poker night fun.  I forgot to grab the camera, so sorry, no pics of dad losing my college fund (luckily we still have the house). 

The rest of the weekend was a trip to the zoo with Mr. and Mrs. Nass, watching MU kill CU, and watching the Chiefs lose (booooo).  I'm looking forward to dad being home this week and counting down my last two weeks at home with mom before I start school (day care).

Awesome Bounce Chair Avery loanded me

Pouty face I use to get dad to do what I want.
May also get me on America's Next Top Model.

Jackie Weber got me this cute outfit. 
I strive to be as stylish as she is.  It's hard.

 I'm going to leave you with this quote:
People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.  ~Leo J. Burke


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