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Thursday, May 16, 2013


On Friday, May 10th, I went to the park after school with my buddy Matthew.  We had a picnic at the park which was pretty awesome!

Afterwards we headed back to our house and somehow Matthew ended up in his underwear and me in my birthday suit. 

We went out to BT's house on Saturday to celebrate Mother's Day.  However, I'm the one who ended up with a present (a new backpack), not mom?!?

My friend Lukas' mom Kellie stopped by to see baby bro and brought us some awesome Zuccini bread!

On Sunday we headed to Loose park after my nap to feed the ducks and hit up the play ground.

Here's Graham joining us for dinner at the table.

Mom had an appointment near her office on Tuesday so she took bro to visit some coworkers.  They loved holding him!!
Unfortunately mom had to change his diaper at the appointment and figured out she only had one of my size 4 diapers!!  To give you some perspective, here's the before and after. 

The rest of the week flew by.  BobBob fixed mom's brakes and one morning Dido dropped by to make pancakes.

On a side note here's some pics of bro and I...

Not sure about this school pic and why they dressed me up as a pirate?


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