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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Quarterly Report

On Thursday, Feb 22nd, Maddie had her school musical. She even had a short duet part in the show.

For Spring Break, we headed over the State Line to Missouri.  We took our very first train ride which was super fun!  We hit up a children's museum and the City Museum

On Friday, March 23rd, we had one of the saddest days for our family.  Sam Adams had contracted Lymphoma Cancer and we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog.  He joined our family back in 2010 and we had 8 wonderful years with him but miss him with all of our hearts!

Here are some pics of Sam as part of our family.

Stu and Maddie had the daddy/daughter dance.  This is before the dance, but she looks like her feet already hurt!

We celebrated Graham's 5th birthday at the end of April.

We actually celebrated it 3 times!  School, family, and pool party with friends.

On Sunday, May 6th, Maddie got to head onto the field with Royals 2nd baseman Whit Merrifield.  Hard to see, but she even made the jumbotron!

And on May 9th, mom and dad headed to Key West.  Dad planned the trip for them to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  We missed them but were happy they had a great time!


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