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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Question of the Day

Q: What percent of women's water breaks before labor begins?
A:  Less than 15 percent.

So I have a really fun story.  Mom, dad, and I were entertaining auntie Kristin and uncle Phil on Sunday evening (Sept 5).  The cause for celebration...me of course.  Just kidding.  It was Labor Day weekend and the weather was absolutely fab, so why not grill out, right?  Steaks were marinating, corn was brining, beans were baking.  All was right for a perfect dinner.  Apparently all was right for Kristin to be in the less than 15% of women whose water breaks because that's exactly what happened. 

The grill was heating up for the burgers and steaks and mom was feeding me a bottle out on the deck when dad comes out and announces that Kristin's water broke.  Well that was the end of the relaxing evening we fivesome were planning.  Phil was so cute and all nervous and stuffs.  They called the doc and told them to get to the hospital within an hour so mom and dad packed them up and sent them on their way with some baked beans and pasta salad and made them promise to get Kristin some food before they got to the hospital. 

Mom and dad partook in the yummy food stuffs wagering bets on the weight of baby Steffen and when she would finally arrive.  On Monday morning at 4:15pm, Amelia Kay Steffen (pictured below) was welcomed into to the world.  I am so excited to meet my new future BFF (I can have two BFFs right - shout out again to Avery Davenport).  She weighed 6lbs 14oz and is a total cutie!  Congrats and best wishes to Kristin and Phil!

PS - This post was a shout out to Kristin's Q of D that will temporarily (12 weeks or so) be postponed.  Tears. :-(

Amelia's debut made me nostalgic and I decided to pull up some old footage (5 weeks and 4 days old to be exact) of the day I was born.  Enjoy!


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