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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Okay so really it was only 1 wedding, dinner, and church.  But whatever.

Friday evening I attended my first wedding.  I got all dressed up in this little blue dress that was ridica uncomfortable.  I mean damn, I looked good, but I don't like those things all riding up on me and stuff.  The onesie is definitely the way to go.

 The bride and groom (Annie and Jake) used to live next door to dad (they are now Uncle Dave's neighbors) and their wedding was pretty spectacular.  Annie had the prettiest dress (yes, prettier than mine) and I'm sure dad was thinking about how one day he's going to have to shell out a boat load of money to marry me off.  Then mom and dad ditched me with Mimi so they could go live it up at the reception.  Apparently it was a good time because dad forgot a few events of the evening.  He did come home and tell me stories about how the reception was uber swanky and how they had a raw oyster bar and the bar itself was fully made of ice.  The pictures do not do it justice. 

Raw Oyster Bar Made of Ice

On Saturday, September 25th, we had another night out.  This time I jaunted over to Aixois to have dinner with Schnetzer and Nicole.  Mr. Schnetzer looked sharp in his sport coat and it was so easy to doze off in his warm, strong arms.  Dinner was a quick event so mom and dad could run me back home and bail on me again.  This time I got to spend some quality time with Donna and Dido.  They ordered some pizza and let me have a few bites, but shhhh, don't tell mom and dad.  While I stayed home, the parents went to go see "Saved" put on by the KC Rep.  Schnetz coordinated the whole thing which makes him pretty cool, I mean aside from living in O-Town (Olathe for you novices) which is where mom grew up.  A few other previous O-Towners to note include Mike D. (Avery's dad), The Furious B (Brad Kracht) and Miss Jackie K Weber.

Sunday morning started bright and early with breakfast with the grandparents.  After eating we headed over to Country Club Christian Community Church so I could get dedicated.  Not sure exactly what that meant, but it did involve me getting up in front of everyone (mortifying) and something about how the family and all the church would do their best to make sure I grow up smart and a straight shooter.  Rev Miles even paraded me down the aisle like I was a show and tell piece (pics of that will be posted at a later date). 

That afternoon we headed up to Liberty to visit Mimi and Max.  Mimi hosted a "Sip and See" so I could meet all her friends.  Mimi even ordered the cutest little cupcakes that were just my size.  I got some fun new things out of the party like books, Disney stuffed animals and some awfully cute clothes.

PS - want to give a shout out to Gma and Gpa Duncan for their 39th wedding anniversary!

Other misc pics:

My awesome Wubanub from the Bell's

A little one on one time with Cougar

Tummy Time Ain't So Bad


Tippy on September 29, 2010 at 11:28 PM said...

Maddie: You looked AWESOME in that dress!

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