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Monday, September 20, 2010

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Friday, September 17th (half way to St Pat's Day and green beer) I headed out to my very first Royals game! Mom and dad took me out there a little late (top of the 4th inning) but I didn't mind since we were already losing. I saw my first Royals home run but didn't care much for the loud boom of the fireworks that followed. Mom partook in beer and a funnel cake but told me I had to wait at least a couple years. We ended up losing but I slept through most of it anyways. We left at the top of the 9th so I wouldn't be subjected to Friday night fireworks.  By the way, we lost 4-11 to Cleveland.

First time in the Bjorn - Thanks Aunt Jenn


Saturday evening we hit up the Morningside Neighborhood Association (mom is the Director of Special Events)  for a couple hours before we got poured on. By we I mean not me, since dad was smart enough to bring an umbrella just big enough to cover my stroller.

On Sunday, September 19th, dad took me to church for some good old one on one time to let mom get a run in. Her and dad are training for the Kansas City 1/2 Marathon on October 16th. They both got in 8 mile runs. Crazy kids, why not just hang out with me in the A/C and look at black and white books all day? After the run, they got ready for their "Sunday Get Together" party with dad's friends who have kids my age for me to play with (play being a loose term).

Me and the Crew (I'm the one on the Boppy)

So as you can see, I had quite a fun weekend and to top it all off, I went for my first stroll around the block in "The Bob", the cadillac of all jogging strollers. It was such a smooth ride that I was asleep before I even left the front yard.

On a side note, both grandma's think my hair is growing back, but I'd say that's questionable.  Pic below.  Decide for yourself.

The Rogaine doesn't seem to be working

Binkies and 'Ritas


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