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Friday, November 1, 2013

Another Very Merry Unbirthday

To me.
To who?
To me.
Oh, you.  

By "you" I mean Graham.  Wednesday, October 30th was his 6 month unbirthday.  My how time flies.  It feels like only yesterday that I was an only child who didn't need to share Barbies or vie for Mom and Dad's attention.

On Thursday, 10/24 we stayed at school for a book fair.  They had a balloon guy and face painting!  I slept in my butterfly face and wore it to school the next day.

Here I am squeezing into a 18-24 month KSU outfit that aunt Brandi got me a loooooong time ago.

Saturday 10/26 was Avery's annual Halloween party.  As usual the costumes were great.  Some how I didn't get a pic of mom and dad together dressed as Sonny and Cher.

I did manage to get in a costume change and modeled both my Garden Gnome and my Ladybug from last year.  You may have noticed Graham was missing from the action...he stayed the night at Mimi's!

Here we are doing a room to room trick or treat.

A little stackers at breakfast.  Note I'm way better than I was a year ago.  

Dinner with Mimi and Max on Sunday when they returned Graham.  Dad had to skip out due to the stomach flu.

Halloween night we headed to my friend Matthew's neighborhood to do some Trick or Treating.  It turned out to be a nice night but a little cold.

On a side note, I had quite the tummy ache last night.  At first they thought I ate too much candy, but turns out I had the stomach flu.  

Graham had his 6 month this morning.  Dad took the over on his weight thinking he was at least 20 pounds.  Turns out he was only 17lb 12oz and 26 inches tall.  If you'll remember, at his 3 month checkup he was 16lb 10oz and the same height.  Apparently he's peaked and will be as short as mom and dad are.

Here's Graham on his first swing ride at the park:


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