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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Doctor Woody

Thursday, August 5th was my first doctor's appointment.  We checked in and got settled into our room where the nurse told me to strip down to get weighed.  Dad proceeded to de-clothe me and as soon as he took off my diaper the cold air hit me and I just couldn't hold it any longer.  I crapped all over the little blue mat they had put down.  Dad laughed histarically and went to grab a new diaper while the nurse gave us a clean blue mat.  About two seconds later I had the irresistable urge to pee so I just let loose.  Again, more laughs from dad.  At this point I thought if I'm making him happy, why not do it again.  After getting my 3rd clean mat I pooped again.  I figured that was enough for one day.

The nurse took me to the scale and I gained weight to 7lbs 3ozs in the two days I'd left the hospital (6lbs 4ozs upon discharge).  Man am I a good eater!  Mommy was so proud of me and felt relief that I'd gained weight. 

Luckily there were no shots today and I went home a happy camper!  I'd be back to be a happy (er crappy) camper the following Wednesday.


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