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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Graduated!

Last night I graduated!  Yep, I went from size Newborn diapers to size 1.  Mom thought this was a good idea after I went through my third outfit for the day and peed all over the back of my onesie (according to aunt Katrina that term is trademarked by Gerber - geniuses).  Let me just tell you, this thing is huge.  It goes so high my belly button is covered up again.  I guess as long as it prevents blow outs from my dirty D's mom and dad will be happy. 

PS - Mom asked me to post some other misc pics we thought everyone might enjoy.  This first one is dad's special favorite and he calls the look I'm giving the "Stink Eye".  Maybe I should change my name to "Stink Eye Madeline".  Thoughts?


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