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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Extended Stay

The rest of the hospital stay was quite hectic.  My first full day of living (Saturday, July 31) was spent meeting all my grandparents.  First Mimi (Jeanne/dad's mom) came, then BobBob and Ta (Bob and Toi/mom's parents), and finally Dido and Donna (Doug and Donna/dad's dad and his girlfriend).  It was wonderful getting so much attention and being passed around and held in all those warm arms.  I also had some shots (yucka) and a visit from the pediatrician, and some blood work (more yucka).  That evening I had a visit from my Aunt and Uncle (Ron and Brandi) and even my cousin Pierce.  Everything was hunky dory though cause mom was feeding me well and dad was changing all my diapers.

The next day (Sunday, Aug 1 - what should have been my birthday according to dad) the doc came in and said they were concerned about some infection mom got due to her long labor getting passed to me.  They said just to be safe, they wanted to put me in the NICU to get some antibiotics and to do additional blood work.  Dad was completely against it at first, but knowing it was better to be safe then sorry, he accepted the decision.  Basically if mom had passed the infection to me and they didn't start treating me, the doc threatened that I could basically die in 6 weeks.  Crazy scary.  They took me at 11am and so I could get my antibiotics, but I didn't have to sleep in the NICU so I was back with mom and dad that afternoon.  When I came back I had a tiny little IV in my hand.  I am told it was quite sad looking.  That evening I got to meet some of my family from Thailand! Na Pom (mom's sis) and her daughter Yui were in to visit with Ta. I had lots of fun being held by them and listening to them talk Thai gibberish.

On Monday (Aug 2) we did more of the same.  Eating, pooping, and a lot of sleeping.  The first bloodwork results came back negative which gave mom and dad a little sense of relief.  I had lost a little weight (down to 6lbs 0ozs), but that's normal.  I still don't think mom had changed a diaper at this point so Kudo's to dad.  Aunt Katrina and Uncle Mike (not blood related) dropped by for a visit and shared a cocktail with dad and some Jimmy John's sandwiches. 

On Tuesday (Aug 3) I was finally supposed to be released at 11am.  The nurse had given me a bath that morning so I would be all nice and clean but I must have gotten a little chilly because I couldn't hold my temperature and they ended up keeping me longer than expected.  The second set of bloodwork came back negative but because of my temperature the nurses said I could still have an infection.  They did one last quick blood test and the doc FINALLY released me to go home at 6pm that evening.  Weight check - 6lbs 4ozs (just down 2ozs from my birth day).

To say the least mom and dad were relieved and excited to get to take me home.

Oh yeah...did I tell you that I had to get an IV in MY HEAD!!!


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