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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Story of My Birth

So dad was really pushing for an August 1st birthday so I'd be the oldest in my class when I start going to school.  Mom's due date (July 28) came and went so we were keeping our fingers crossed and things were looking good.  We had a sonogram scheduled for the next day just to be safe since we were past due.  On the way to the doctor's office dad made some joke like "I bet you're low on fluid".  Our appointment was at 4pm that Thursday and mom felt great.  In fact she went in to work for the morning before coming home at lunch.  When mom and pop arrived for the sonogram, dad had called it...low on fluid.  They just kind of looked at each other when the doctor said head to the hospital to be induced.  They asked if they had to go straight there or if they could run home to get our bags first.  The doc said just get there as soon as you can, but no rush.

Once at home mom and pop figured they could take their time. They emptied the dishwasher, took showers, finished packing and got the dogs prepped to head to Gma and Gpa Duncan for the hospital stint.  On the way to Shawnee Mission Med they stopped at Sheridan's for some yummy ice cream (which I quite enjoyed) and McD's for a cheeseburger and fries for once they got settled in.

They got to the room around 6pm and unpacked a little.  The induction process started around 8:30pm.  They game mom this stuff called Cervadil and she just had to lay around in bed for a couple hours.  The parents got in an episode of Jack Bauer (aka bad ass) of Season 4 of "24".  As soon as the show was over, mom turned to get a little more comfortable and that's when the contractions set in.  Yucka.  They were pretty frequent and around 11:00pm some really bad ones hit and caused my little heart rate to drop.  Three nurses rushed in to give mom some meds to stop the contractions.  It worked and I stabilized.  They tried the Cervadil again around 1am and about 2am the same thing happened and so they had to stop with that stuff.  So, mom ended up having contractions every 1 to 3 minutes from 11pm until morning.  Dad was pretty awesome and rubbed her back and her feet and just consoled her cause at the time she was thinking she would never want to have another kid ever again. 

The nurses shift change was at 7am and this really awesome nurse "Sally" came on duty and explained how getting an epidural can actually speed things up (even though mom wasn't very far along) and so mom took the advice and got one.  Um best decision she ever made.  Getting the epidural was painless and in fact everything after was pretty much painless :-)  Throughout the day (Friday, July 30 at this point) mom labored and she was finally ready to try and push me out about 8pm.  She tried pushing for an hour, but my little heart kept dropping and the Doctor Holmes finally said it was time for a C-Section. 

They wheeled mom into the operating room and prepped her and dad was right by her side holding her hand.  Mom and dad asked the anistesiologist not to give them the play by play on what was happening and all he said was "Okay you're going to feel a little pressure as they push on your stomach" and next thing they knew I was held up and had made my big debut at 10:11pm.  The whole process to get me out took about 5 minutes.  At this point, they passed me off to some nurses to weigh me, do the whole apgar test (I passed with flying colors) and take me to get cleaned up.  Dad was with me the whole time.

Mom finished getting stitched up and they wheeled her to the recovery room.  Dad brought me in and sadly she was too tired and exhausted to even feel like holding me.  It wasn't until a couple hours later that they sent them back to their delivery room that mom got to hold me in her arms, but when she did she told me it was love at first sight. 

So that's how I came into this world.

Madeline "Mad Dog" Jean Ludlow
Born 7/30/10 at 10:11pm
6lbs 6ozs
18.25 inches long


Brandi on August 25, 2010 at 5:53 PM said...

Well we welcome you sweet Maddie to our family!! I, your Auntie BeBe, is so super excited you are here! And your big brother cousin Pierce loves to hold you!!

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