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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My First Night Home

When mom and dad got me home they introduced me to my older siblings Porter and Sam (they're dogs for those of you who haven't met them).  They sniffed me up and down and welcomed me to the family with licks.  Mimi had come over to help mom and dad get settled in.  She was a big help running to get mom's Percoset (priorities of course) and bringing over some grub.  Dad who tends to procrastinate a little decided that night would be a good time to put together the pack and play.  Of course mom thought it came out of the box already assembled.  Hello parents - don't you know that anything baby related never comes assembled?

After surviving the evening, mom and dad who of course were exhausted put me down to sleep about 10pm.  They crawled into bed themselves and it took them a good long time to fall asleep after having a conversation about how they couldn't believe the hospital just let them take me home.  I think something was said like "she could die" and "what do we do if she cries".  Mom had to wake me to feed every 3 hours and dad helped each time that first night.  When my 7am feeding rolled around dad high-fived mom and said "we made it" and mom said "we haven't checked on her yet".  But yes, I was still breathing and they survived their first night alone with me.  Or maybe I should better say I survived my first night alone with them.


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