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Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm So Photogenic

On Monday, August 9th at 10am, Sarah Maxey (a super fab photographer) dropped by to take my mug shot.  She was pretty awesome.  She had this warm heating blanket and these super cute crocheted shorts and this great camera to take pics of me.  I was pretty fussy to start with, but after I had some breakfast and got on that heating pad, I basically went to lala land and let her pose me as she wanted.  First I was almost buck naked (they let me keep my diaper on after that incident at the dr's office) then they put this huge fuzzy russian immigrant hat on me, then they put me in this ridiculous dress that was a bit too big for me.  Anyway, I think we got some pretty good pics out of the deal, but mainly cause I'm "so good looking" - sentiments to Seinfeld.


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