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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Baby Brother Graham is really kicking and moving lately.  He can even shake a maraca!

On July 3rd we had a parade at school.  Maybe one day mom and dad will spring for my own trike so I don't have to keep borrowing other kids' rides...

BobBob and Ta sprung for a new pool!  It's 2 feet deep and just my size.  I plan to get a lot of use out of it this summer.

I had a slumber party at their house on Wednesday night and went to my first real movie!  Monsters University.  I really enjoyed the show, the tootsie roll pop, and the twizzlers!  And of course sitting on BobBob's lap.

On the morning of the 4th I went to the pool.  The water was still a little chilly.

We spent the evening at Avery's house and I stayed awake long enough to see the fireworks!

Friday night, Uncle Dave and Katie came over for dinner and some dessert out on the deck.  Why do I always end up with no clothes on?

Sunday morning we headed to the Gym.  Alexis even took a shot at holding Graham who seemed almost as big as she is.  I'm getting more confident with my swimming and even allowed mom to let go of me.

I thought Graham would look good with a toe ring.  I was right.

I also thought he'd look good with a mustache.  I was right about that too.

Here we are visiting Great Gma Dard.  She's 93 and Graham is 2 months.  Neither one can remember what they had for lunch yesterday.  Of course neither can I so I guess I shouldn't poke fun.


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