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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

À La Piscine

Let's start with the most exciting news first.  Uncle Ron and Aunt Brandi put in a pool!  WHOA!  The finished it and got it filled on Sunday, May 25th, just in time for a visit from me.

Next, I got to head to my first Royals game of the season.  Pierce was there too which made it extra fun.

Graham is loving his new classroom.  They do tons of art, play outside, and take their naps on mats.

As usual, we've been busy with lots of fun activities like a play date with Matthew and heading out to "Bobby's" as I like to call it lately the last few weekends.  We've been spending so much time outside that Graham and I are both worn out when it's time to head home.

Here's Graham playing peekaboo:

Here's Graham going down the slide on his own:

I imagine with Bob's small pool and Ronnie's big pool and hot tub (aka bath tub) we'll be doing more sleepovers out there this summer.  Lucky them as who wouldn't want to spend more time with Graham and moi?


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