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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?

Time to catch you up on my comings and goings.  I got a hand me down bike from my friend Emmerson.  It's AWESOME.  It's a princess bike and while the weather was still nice I rode it to the grocery store and back about 4 nights a week.

On Friday, October 24th my school had a pot luck dinner where there was a face painter.  I kept it on the whole next day!

Saturday 10/25 was Avery Davenport's annual Halloween bash.  I went as Cinderella, Graham was my Prince [insert incest joke here], Dad was the Fairy God Mother, and mom was one of my mouse friends.

A pretty girl named Hannah was there and she even let me try on her wig.  I need to get me one of these.  And sweet auntie Carrie read me a story.

The next morning we did our weekly drop by of the donut shop on the way to BobBob's.  This time I got to go behind the counter to help serve up the donuts.  Hard work!

Can you believe it was almost 80 degrees that day so we did a quick swim in the hot tub.  Of course that seems like ages ago, not 3 weeks ago.  After, Graham helped sweep up a few of the many leaves.

In bigger news, dad made local news.  He has a page in 435 Magazine!!!  Next up, Forbes!
Read it here, scroll to the bottom:  http://www.435mag.com/November-2014/KC-Talent-Magnet/

On Halloween night, we headed over to Matthew's house.  I can't say Graham enjoyed his first trick or treat experience, but I enjoyed eating his candy. Here's some footage of his first house, but probably the best part of the video is Matthew and I's dance fest at the very end.

We made our first jaunt to lego land.  It was average.

Mom and dad think I look pretty cute sleeping.  I think Graham looks pretty cute in my pink sleep sack.  Poor kid.  Already getting put in girls clothing.

Friday, November 6th was Grandparents day at school.  Mimi and BT stopped by for a bit to share some breakfast and see what I learn at school.

Here's how excited Graham gets when Mom mentions it's time to visit BobBob.  We assume it's because BobBob takes him on endless tractor rides.  Dad likes to call it "bacon in the pocket".  


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