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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส!  That's Merry Christmas in Thai (I think).

My favorite part of Christmas might be all the special deliveries! Graham jumped in the box and I flashed back to when I was 9 months old.  Yes, that's me on the right and below is me now!

Here are some pics of Graham at school.

Here he is hanging with his friends....

Then he puts the moves on Berkeley...

Then Emily gets a little jealous.

Mom and dad got a more functional bathroom vanity.  Guess they're staying put for at least another year before finding a bigger house.

Some other fun things leading up to the big day...Mason coming for dinner, Dido bringing cinnamon rolls, Daddy pulling off some devastatingly handsome poses.

And then before we knew it, it was CHRISTMAS!!!  We got new jammies, a Thomas Train set, a Barbie Ballerina doll and lots of love from mom and dad.

Oh...I almost forgot to mention.  On Saturday, 12/20 Graham headed to gymboree and fell off the mini tramp and started limping.  He got better than night, but when he was still limping on Sunday, mom took him to the urgent care.  Luckily nothing was broken!

Luckily binky was okay too!!!


Sainarong on December 30, 2014 at 9:32 PM said...

Your Thai is correct!

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