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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Demolition Derby

Well, demolition has started and finished on the new house.  Now we still need to pull permits to start the real work.  Here's some pics of the interior torn down to studs.

Graham and I have been playing a lot better together.  He's finally starting to cry a lot less as he gets closer to his 3rd birthday.  Must be my big sistering skills.

In the last month we had 3 Easter Egg hunts at church, with Dido, and with Mimi.  Dad thought the church one was a little ridiculous.  Watch the video to see if you can find any eggs.

We dropped by Auntie Cole's house for Smores and every morning at school Graham shares breakfast with his "friend" Emily.

I started playing soccer.  I had my first practice and game on April 2nd.  I didn't have a game this weekend but we did spend some outdoor time at the Farmstead.  Graham got his first go round on the pony rides!


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