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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just Keep Swimming

On Independence Day we headed over the new 'hood to join in on a bike parade.  We met a ton of the new neighbors.  Apparently there are like 20 kids on the street and mom and dad think they'll fit in pretty well...there were a couple houses partaking in bloody mary's and wine at 11am.  Their kind of people!  Then we headed over to Steffen's house in the evening to eat and watch the fireworks.

We seem to be spending every spare moment at the pool.  Either Uncle Ronnie's house, the lake, or dad's gym pool.  I've gotten pretty proficient at swimming and can go off the diving board with NO lifejacket!  Mental note - get some pics of that.

Mom had her 20th high school reunion and loves seeing Amber and Michele who she's know since Jr High.

Uncle Ronnie had his 44th birthday!

The new house is progressing nicely.  The roof was supposed to go on Thursday 7/21 but they're a few days behind so hopefully this Tuesday 7/26 instead.

More pics under House Build link.


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