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Monday, August 20, 2012

Duck Hunt

Mom and dad bought me this new clock.  About a month ago I started yelling "mommmmeeee daddddeeeee" as soon as I would wake up (whereas before I would play quietly until they came and got me).  Anyway, they explained how when the clock turned green I could yell, but if I woke while it was still yellow I had to stay quiet.  Works like a charm!  I got the hang of it after just a couple days.

Yai Pom (Ta's sister) and her daughter Yui came to visit so we headed out to Gma/Gpa's on Saturday, August 11th.  We played quite a bit, went for a ride in the convertible, then took a nap.

In the afternoon we got cleaned up to go eat Barbeque. Seems like those activities would be reversed?

After dinner we had some birthday cake.  It wasn't anyone's birthday, but I love blowing out candles.

Since dad headed to the Lake Home to do some work, we had a slumber party with Pierce and Yui. We got all changed to jammies when Uncle Ronnie called to tell us that there were a ton of hot air balloons down the street. So we loaded up into the car and went to go see for ourselves.

On Sunday morning, we had breakfast out on the porch so we could watch the duckies come up to eat.  For some reason they never quite made it all the way up to the food...

Due to PETA, we decided not to provide sound to this video: 

P.S. The duck is fine.

For lunch on Sunday we headed to Nordstrom Cafe.  Avery's Gma D, Aunt and Uncle were all there as well.  Small world, no pic.  We spent a few more fun hours with Yai Pom and Yui and then we headed home.

Sunday night dad was still at the lake but we at least got in a Skype session.    And no, dad is not normally a pirate. 

On Friday, Aug 17th we headed to the lake.  Only a few more warm weekends left.  Our neighbor Debbie got a pair of cute puppies, but they didn't really want me to hold them yet.  She got me a belated birthday gift, so I forgive her.  We did some fishing and I squeezed in a few rather adorable pics of Porter.

On Sunday we got back and I was so excited to be home.  I even whined my way into eating some watermelon during bath time.

Here I am sporting my new knockoff Uggs.  I love them so much I've already taken a nap in them.

And then I got hold of the camera...pretty good for a first timer.

Monday was more family time.  Mom's cousin Lissy and her two boys Zach and Evan came to visit.  I let them share my swingset...after mom made me. 

Here I am cleaning up.  BobBob suggested mom and dad hire me out to do some cleaning, but they've already got me sewing soccer balls in my spare time, so not sure how I'd squeeze it all in.


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