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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 Year Checkup

I had my 3 year checkup on July 31st.  I weighed in at 27.6 lbs (25th percentile) and 35.5 inches (15th percentile).  The doctor declared me healthy after much proding and poking.

The days seem to fly by lately now that mom is back to work.  We spend our free time doing things like hitting up the neighborhood pool, feeding the duckies, and squeezing in good afternoon naps.

I got a ton of stuff for my birthday so mom and dad made me open my presents over the course of a few days.  One of my favorites is these cutie patootie ballet shoes from my friend Avery.

On 8/3 we had a pool party at Miss Amber's gym.  Sometimes I feel older than Uncle Ronnie...hmmm why is that?

So what else is going on you ask? Well, I love tomato soup (especially from Nordstrom café), taking showers, and going to see the Royals win...well when I'm not too busy playing and actually sit still for an inning!

School was closed on 8/8 and 8/9 so we headed down to the Lake to start an early weekend. Here's what I remember of the car ride...hopefully mom didn't nap.

The weather was kind of crappy on Friday so we decided to go see the movie Planes. This was Graham's first movie (and only my third). He did great...he watched about 30 minutes, downed a bottle of milk, and conked out for the rest of the show.


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