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Friday, December 6, 2013

Big Bird

You probably thought something happened to me it's been so long since I last blogged...well a lot has!

As you can see below, I've learned how to read...nah just kidding.  This is just for show.

I found my old hat from when I was born and can still sport it.  Someone Graham's noggin is too big for it already.  Surprise surprise.

Graham and I spend a lot of time together lately.  In the shopping cart, in bed, and in the bath!

Sunday, November 17th was BobBob's birthday.  Graham wore his fancy overall onsie to celebrate.

On Tuesday 11/19 we had a Thanksgiving party at school.  We dressed up like pilgrims.

Friday 11/22 was mom's birthday.  Mimi came over to watch us so they could go out and celebrate.  We got to enjoy mom's cake before she did.  Winner!

We celebrated with another cake that BobBob made her on Sunday.  Paige and I split blowing out the two candles.

We spent Thanksgiving day at Mimi's enjoying a big traditional meal including a big bird...the turkey weighed 14 pounds!
The day after Thanksgiving we headed to the lake for a night (and left Graham with Mimi) so we could do some yard work.  I'll leave out the story about BobBob almost burning the house down in the process.

On of the other reasons we went down was to retrieve my old crib.  Graham outgrew the old small one so we needed to bring mine back from the lake.  I know it's hard to tell, but the pic on the left was his old crib and was taken right when he got home from the hospital.  You can tell how much happier he is in his "king size" bed on the right!

Jump to Sunday 11/27.  The weather was so nice we headed back out to the Duncan's house to jump on the trampoline and roast marshmallows!


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