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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Accidents Happen

The exciting news first.  Dad got into a car accident on Wednesday, January 8th.  It was the other guys fault and luckily everyone was okay, but we're now in the market for a new ride.

The other guy couldn't stop due to the snow and rolled through a stop sign.  It could also have been due to the -11 degree weather...honestly who can even think when it's that cold out?

Graham is proficiently pulling up nowadays and crawling all over the house.

He's also starting to eat some solids, but can be quite picky.


I've been a good girl lately and was rewarded with some awesome Hello Kitty headphones!

On January 12, the weather took a turn for the better so we headed to the park for some fresh air.

On Saturday 1/18 we headed over to Matthew's for dinner and a play date.  Graham and dad did some rough housing.

Matthew and I finished up the evening with our own face-painting.  Good thing it wasn't too permanent!

Oh...lastly, BobBob and Ta have turned crazy. They were at this protest march on January 17th. This happened about 200 yards from where they were. They're fine, but I told them to abstain from protests going forward as Graham and I need all the grandparents to return safely for future babysitting needs and birthday present requests. 



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