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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ludlow Bobsled Team

BobBob FINALLY came home on January 24th.  He dropped by to pick up Barley dog, but mostly to see me...and Graham I guess.

Graham has added table foods to his repertoire.  It's hit and miss if he eats it or not.  I like to feed him occasionally.

But he usually always shares a little:

At Graham's 9 month checkup on 1/31, he weighed in at 18lbs 14oz (36th percentile) and was 28inches tall (34th percentile).  While he's still growing, he's really plateaued out.  Thank goodness otherwise he'd have outgrown me in the next few months and come on...I'm the BIG sister.

The weekend prior we went out to BobBob's.  This was while the weather was still cold, but tolerable.

Here I am riding my trike:

Auntie 'Cole came for breakfast on 2/1.  Her baby is due any day now.  We can't wait and I promised to visit baby in my fanciest dress.

As I think I told you before, Grahammy really loves his bath.  In fact any time I'm in it, he tries to climb in to join me.

Here's more of Graham in the bath:

On Tuesday, 2/4 it began to snow.  And it never stopped!

Here's how much we got.  And then that night we got more on top of it.

I have turned into quite the ham lately.

Since it was so darn cold, we headed to Gymboree on Saturday.

Apparently Graham has some issues with tight spaces:

That afternoon was my first shot at sledding.  I only went for a couple runs.

Here's some footage of us playing in the snow and sledding:

And last but not least, I've been quite the helper around the house.  Sorting the clean silverware is the latest on my list of chores.


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