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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Four and Counting

On July 18th, we hit up the lake for the first time this summer.  Crazy I know, but the season started off cold and then we've just had one thing after another.  We had a great time and Grammy really loved sitting on the deck and watching the boats go by.

He and I did a ton of wrestling too!  It helps to have carpet instead of those hard wood floors.

The lake left us pretty tired.  Dad and Graham slept, I caught up on Curious George, and mom got us home safely.

On July 25th, the parents hit up a Royals game while us kids had to stay home.  Totally unfair if you ask me.

Saturday, 7/26 was my birthday party with my friends.  I wanted Graham to look his best and with my help, he did!  We did his hair and his nails.  After he was ready, we headed down the street to the pool for a little partying and pizza.

Matthew came to my party and oh, by the way, we're going to get married some day.  I already told mom and dad.

I got some great gifts from my friends (totally unexpected) but my fave is the Sofia karaoke purse.  It's mom and dad's favorite too.

We had another party for me with the fam on Sunday.  It was pretty much a repeat of Saturday, but with old people.

Lastly, I hit up Vacation Bible School the week of July 27th and was pumped to see Avery D there.  I'd link to her blog, but she doesn't keep up with it anymore (jab at Mike D).  My official birthday was Wednesday, July 30, but it was pretty uneventful considering I'd already had 2 parties.

Here's Graham at school with his buds playing around the water table in diapers.


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