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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More Wa Wa

You would probably blame the fairy wings on me, but it was really Mom who put them on Graham.  Sometimes she likes to play dress up too I guess.

School was closed for 1 inch of snow day on Monday, Feb 17th which also happened to be President's day.  Mom thinks daycare just wanted a day off like the rest of the school district...

To kill the time, we spent the morning at Wonderscope.  And time does fly when you're having fun, and playing Vet, and rolling golf balls, and painting.

Auntie Cole's son Chase had his first birthday party on Feb 22nd.  Graham and I agreed that our favorite part was the cupcakes.

In case you couldn't tell, Chase enjoyed the cupcakes too!  Happy first big boy!

Biggest news of all, Ta FINALLY came home!  We sure did miss her.  Mom thought Graham might be a little shy around her but he ran right up to her and gave her huge hugs.  Of course she brought homes tons of goodies home for us.

Graham really enjoyed the dusting of snow we got.  Imagine this video on repeat for 5 minutes straight:

He's very fascinated by the animals lately, especially "cat".

In prep for warmer weather we've gone swimming a few times.

Graham is quite the ladies man and has been getting pretty chummy with the girls in my class.  My friends had better watch out!

And here we are napping at the same time.  Quiet time for mom!


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