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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I realize it's been since before my 5th birthday that I posted real pics.  Time to catch up!

Swim lessons for me means occasional visits from BobBob and Ta to take me!  Followed by my favorite dinner...pizza and gelato!

My 5th birthday was celebrated with multiple parties.   First a school party.

Then dinner with the grandparents and Paige!

Check out my sweet Wonder Woman costume from Mimi!

Lastly came my birthday party at the neighborhood pool with my friends!  Of course it wouldn't be my birthday without some sort of snafu.  We arrived at the pool with no lifeguard so Amelia's dad tutored my dad on how to turn the water on.

And it worked! The party was great, complete with pinata, cookie cake, pizza delivered by Uncle Dave and Katie, and of course water in the pool.

Graham is learning to nap in a big boy bed, I got a back to school haircut and then a checkup to make sure I was ready for Kindergarten.

Here I am modeling a circa 1980's swimsuit we dug out of a lakehouse drawer.

August 19th was a big day for me.  I started Kindergarten!  Below are a few of the different uniforms I can wear (bummer for mom's shopaholism, but great for dad's checkbook) and a few pics of my new classroom.

On Thursday, September 3rd, mom put in her time as library volunteer.  She helped check in/out books for my class and I was pretty pumped to see her there.  It was a complete surprise.

We headed to the lake with my friend Mason and his parents Dondi and Jerry.  It was the perfect last weekend of summer.  I'm not responsible for swimming beers to those in need.  We also played on our neighbors "chillmat".  Pretty cool toy.

Here's a few more misc pics mom took on her phone that I wanted to throw in:

There's nothing like a hug from dad after the first day of school!!!


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