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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Big Boy Bed

Happy Birthday Ta!  

Here's a throwback pic of us from Nov 5th, 2011.  Best wishes for a fun filled birthday!

We headed to the zoo on September 12th.  It'd been a while since mom had been there (dad usually takes us alone) so we had to hit up all the important things like feeding deer and sky safari.

Graham was under the weather Sunday night 9/21 and puked in his crib twice and once in dad's bed.  He spent a lazy Monday at home snuggling with mom and taking 2 naps.

My teacher has a dog named Pete the Pug.  A student gets to bring him home for one night and we do activities with him and right about our night in a journal.  Pete really liked Porter and Sammy.  I think he was a little nervous to come visit and wet the floor.

Paige got to come have pizza dinner with us.

On 9/24 mom and dad headed to Vegas with Leslie and Toby (Matthew's parents) to celebrate Mr. Breer's birthday.  And something about they needed a trip to iron out some plans in Hawaii?

Saturday, 10/3, Graham moved to a big boy bed (er crib), basically mom just took the front off of it.  He's been doing great, stays in bed at bedtime, and wakes up at normal time.

That night, we headed to Auntie Cole's for dinner.  They have this cool new firepit in their backyard.  Definitely a great space for parties, especially when they have Smore's!

Dad got called from school about 4pm.  A friend was swinging her coat around and it nicked me in the head.  Not too bad, but my shirt was covered in blood!  A little scary, but no stitches needed.  Mom even called Amelia/Heidi's mom Kristin for some good advice since she's had experience with this sort of thing.

We're headed out of town on a family vacation tonight, so the next post should be Magically exciting (hint hint)!


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