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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lumbar Laminectomy

This past month has been BUSY!  Graham had his first (and last) soccer game on 8/26.  Partly because the league/team was super unorganized but partly because he was just a little too young to handle it well.  Being able to share the ball is pretty key to soccer.

We got to help celebrate Matthew's 6th birthday.

Miss Avery's class has been pretty awesome!  I've made some really great friends (although I miss St Pete's school) and she lets us play with iPads!!  I've already had a play date with a girl in another class that I hang with at recess time.

And you can see that our classroom is set up pretty chill!!!  We get to sit on pillows on the floor and ones of the table has balance balls for chairs.

As you saw in the last post, G and I have taken to sleeping together...every night!  So mom and dad bought G this bed for when we move to the new house.  At least this way if we want we can sleep together, but be each have our own bed.

On Labor Day we headed to a block party at the new house.   They know how to do it up...bounce house with water slide!

Mom had lunch with the girls but she left me at home?!?

We've tried to spend a lot of time outdoors with the cooling weather.  Trip to the zoo, trip to the farmstead, and Mom and Dad dropped by school for "Lunch on the Lawn".

Probably the biggest news update is dad had back surgery for a herniated disc (a lumbar laminectomy) on Tuesday, September 13th.  It has been a really painful/rough recovery for him but he's doing great.  He's been up and walking quite a bit and the pain is starting to ease.  He's already getting bored but has another week of alternating laying/walking before he can even think about getting back to work.

We've been keeping busy while he's out of commission.  Super G saves the day...

 I started my new soccer team with other girls from school...

And today 9/18, Aunt Brandi took Paige and me to a Princess Meet and Greet.  How awesome was that of her!!!

Now time for house updates:
They've finished rough plumbing, the egress window for the basement, brick work, and rough electrical.


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