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Thursday, October 13, 2016


Mom had the pleasure of having lunch with me at school on September 30th!  I get to pick a friend to sit and have lunch with us and we get to sit at the special mom's table.

BobBob taught Graham and I how to thumb wrestle!

On October 1st, my Kindergarten class got to go to the Farmstead for a class field trip.

Some other fun things we've been doing lately...playdate with Chase, falling asleep on the couch watching TV, getting a pedicure, and seeing the new Storks movie.

On Sunday, 10/9, BobBob and Ta took G, Pierce, and I to Worlds of Fun!!!  Boy was it awesome.  Perfect weather and no lines.  We rode every Planet Snoopy ride.  I was even brave enough to ride the Finish Fling...which has been around since mom was a kid!!!  How old is that ride and how is it still running!

The day really tuckered Graham out and he feel asleep on the way home.

Here's the latest on the house...they got the siding on, the backyard graded, installed the dog door, insulation, and sheetrock.


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