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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


We've successfully settled into the new house.  In fact I'm wondering if Graham even remembers the old one.

Avery Davenport came to visit which was pretty awesome.  Please note that we were not the ones drinking the wine.

Other happenings...Mimi sent us Valentine's Day cards.

Dad's cousin Meg came to visit!  We had a great time sitting on the porch and enjoyed a nice meal together.  We'd love for her to drop by any time she's in town.

Both Graham and I (and mom) went through bouts of the influenza.  Between the two of us I think were out of school for 7 or 8 days.  Once recovered, mom treated us to ice cream and the chance to see my art work hanging in the store.

Some other things we like to do at the new house...dance parties, kickball with the neighbors, occasionally eating in front of the tv, and hot tubbing!!

Mom and dad love the neighborhood.  They got all dressed up and went to a school party.

Graham and I started gymnastics classes...at home too :-)

Our spring break was the week of 3/13 although lucky ducky Graham had the Thursday and Friday before off too.  We enjoyed spending time with grandparents so mom and dad could get a little work done that week.  On Thursday 3/16 we road tripped it to Omaha.  It was pretty awesome.  We went to the zoo two days in a row, saw a movie, ate lunch served from a truck, swam, and visited a children's museum.

The zoo was pretty amazing, but this was probably mom's favorite part.  Fruit bats flying around loose in the jungle exhibit.  

While on vacation we also did LOT of jumping on the beds and G and dad sported matching jammies.  

A few other happenings include getting to eat dinner on the patio since it's been so nice out, a visit to our new house from Paige and Pierce, and a trip to the park with our friend Chase Wosje.


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