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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Home Is Where the Heart Is

People usually are the happiest at home.
William Shakespeare

And we are definitely already happy in our new casa!

G and I love being able to run next door and to be able to play with the other 8+ kids on the block.  We didn't see mom and dad for 3 straight hours on Sunday...we just went from house to house, ransacking each place until we got sent on to the next neighbors :-) 

Our last night in the old house was Monday 1/30.  G and I must've been sentimental because mom and dad found us sleeping holding hands.

Pre move here's what we've been up to.  During the supposed ice storm dad tried to teach me how to keep score at bowling, BobBob came home, dinner with cousins, and...

Boxes upon Boxes upon Boxes.

We did bring our growth chart with us, but had to leave the markings on the wall at old house :-(

Mom and dad moved everything on Tuesday 1/31 while G and I were at school.  Thank goodness they didn't ask us to help!  They got most everything unpacked and felt relatively settled by Friday night.  They even had some neighbors over for Superbowl Sunday.

And here's some pics of the last time the house will be this clean and tidy:


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