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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Cousins

First off, Mr. Jason Triche shared this awesome video with me.  I want to in turn share it with everyone else because it's the coolest thing I've seen on the netterweb in the year I've been around!

It's been a jam packed week!  Monday, 8/8 I started transitioning to my new classroom at school.  I'm in a Toddler room (ages 1-2) instead of an Infant room.  The toys are bigger and there's more room to run around!  I did well all last week and officially started full time on 8/15.
Here I am Rockin' Out:

And they have a huge gym area where I can play in a house with a slide. 
And they let me drive a car.  That's new too...I got my Driver's License.  I did so well driving that mom and dad got me my own car!

Mom and dad finally put me forward facing in the car!  I love the sweet view.

On Wed, I went up to L Town to visit my cousins Ingrid and Audrey in from DC.  Dad forgot the camera so unfortunately no pics.

Friday night the "adults" went out to an art gallery show.  I of course didn't join, but wanted to share some footage of show.  Women in cage singing = Art?  Glad I stayed home. 

On Saturday, mom took me for a jog since the weather has cooled. Uncle Dave and I split a cup of coffee.   And yes, he was ogling those 8 year olds.  Weird.

Saturday evening we hung with the cousins again.  This time I remembered the camera!  And I was nice enough to share my toys with Miss Ingrid.

On Sunday, August 14th, the fam headed to the ZOOOOOOOO!  The animals looked just like my picture books.  The best part was, we rode the ski/zoo lift!

Good arial view!

Dad worked on Sunday so there was more swimming with the Duncans.  Pierce even let me push him around in the stroller!

Monday night, the Longs headed back to our place before traveling back to DC.  We had a good time and enjoyed some finger lickin' good barbeque!

 I love me some Okie Joe's!!!

Post Script: I came home sick yesterday (slight fever from teething maybe) and get a SNOW DAY with mom!  Sweet sweet hump day.   


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