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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm on a Boat

As you know, I was sick a bit last week and got to stay home on Wed, but I'm all better now.  Before we headed to the lake over the weekend, Grandpa BobBob picked up a new battery for the boat.  Here I am getting "recharged".  Afterwards, the grandparents let me have some popsicle.  Yummy!!!


I had a pretty good time and got to play with grandpa.  I fed him some water from a glass:

I usually fall asleep after an afternoon with grandma and grandpa.  Here's the typical car configuration for the ride home...

Me in my seat.

My older sister in the front.

And my brother behind mom.

At school on Friday I tripped over my mat and got my first owie on my lower lip.  You can't really see it in the left photo, but I'm definitely getting mom's eye color and won't have dad's pretty blues.

Here I am playing with bubbles.  These can enthrall me for hours:

At the lake we found me a new pet.  Just kidding about the pet part.

Here I am out on the water.  I even strapped on my old captain's hat.
Then we tried a new Mexican restaurant.  They have margarita's bigger than my head!  Of course I couldn't finish the whole thing so I had to share with dad.
Mom and dad are most likely heading to Thailand at the end of the year.  They're considering shipping me over ahead of time.  Box seems roomy enough for me, some animal crackers, and toys.  Works for me!

On Sunday, Aug 21 we headed to Ava and Luke Bates' house for our monthly get together.  I thought I had a lot of toys, but holy schmoly was I wrong. 

Uncle Dave came over for dinner tonight, but the pic mom snapped was fuzzy.  We'll get his pearly whites next go round.  He did snap some fam photos of us since mom was supposed to send one to my new room at school and realized all 3 of us are NEVER in any pics. 
On a final note, dad was considering starting me in on the whole golf or tennis idea so I can be a child prodigy at the age of 8, but that could get expensive.  So, we're starting foosball lesson's next week.  They figure I'll be able to head to the bars around my 5th birthday to start hustling for my college fund.
Post title is a tribute to The Lonely Island.


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