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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More More More!

My first attempt at communicating (other than saying mom and dad and crying to get what I want) has turned out to be rather successful.  I'm also working on saying bubbles and diaper.

Uncle Dave dropped by early last week.  We definitely see eye to eye.  And he thinks I'm a great driver as I didn't run off the sidewalk once.

On Thursday, Mimi picked me up from school early for no reason at all!  We played and spent a ton of time outside.
That night mom and dad left me with a babysitter so they could go to Vegabond for dinner.  They said their 7 course meal was pretty good, but don't try and make reservations because it appears they're already out of business after only 5 days.  That seems dumb.

Saturday (8/27) morning we headed to breakfast and met up with Emmerson Schatz.  She got her own breakfast but I had to share with mom and dad.  Boo.

In the afternoon we made our way to Trader Joe's (why do I always want to say Trader Vic's??) and I picked out some pretty flowers for mom.

We hit up Nordstrom on the way to Evan and Zack Ungler's house.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the mirrors, open spaces to run, and climbing toys (furniture, stairs, and shoe fitting stools). 
The Ungle's house was the usual good time.  Food, friends, and fun everywhere! 
Sunday we took a walk to the coffee shop before heading to Gma and Gpa's.
BobBob tried to take me to the pool, but it was closed.  No tears though because they installed an above ground pool for me!  Seems like it should be a little bigger, right?
Then Gma showed me a wild bunny that lives in her flowers.  I even got to touch it.  Pretty sweet. 

Last of all, I got my passport in the mail.  Finally.  Thailand, here I come!!!!  But first stop, Florida.  More to come!



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