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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stranger Danger

Friday night, December 2nd, Auntie 'Cole and Pat stopped by for a bottle of milk.  As you can see, she helped daddy put me to bed.

On Saturday, our church had a pancake breakfast and pictures with Santa.  Of course mom and dad were super excited to get me over there for pics on his lap.

After posing with mickey mouse and manning the North Pole Post Office...

...it was time to pose with Santa.  The next few pics are best viewed in sequence. 

1. Place child on Santa's lap.  Child examines crazy beard.

2. Child looks inquisitively at parents with an expression that says "please remove me from this situation".

3. Child begins crying which quickly escalates to sobbing.  Parents' first reaction is to laugh.

4. Parent reaches for child to begin consoling.

5. Child recovers to take picture with Santa from the safety of parents' lap.

After breakfast with Santa, I needed to blow off some steam at Gymboree.

Saturday afternoon plans were to visit the Markhams for a holiday open house.  Jackson wasn't there to play with, but his toys were!  The food spread was glorious and I shared my meal with Mr. Snowman.  I even got kisses from mom and dad under the mistletoe.

Luckily I did not get kisses from Tyson or Mookie.

On Sunday I went out to see BobBob.  He took me to Walmart.  He always lets me drive the cart.

My favorite thing to do lately is color with crayons or markers.  I did a big painting all on my own (BobBob helped hold the paper). 

Painting wears me out so I took a big nap in grandpa's big bed.  And then woke up with a big grin.
On Tuesday morning I woke up to snow!  It was the first one of the year and even though it was only a dusting it was still my first time walking on it.  Pretty cool (pun intended). 

Wednesday was a normal day at school with the usual trip to the library.  I've started looking at books on my own.  I can't wait to graduate past the picture books and start reading books.


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