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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sawasdee Ka

Well if you can belive it I made it to Thailand in one piece.  When I left home it was 5pm on 12/27.  I didn't sleep until I got to LA...11:30pm my time which is probably the latest I've ever stayed awake.  I slept the first 6 hours on the way to Taipei, stayed up for 3 hours then slept another couple of hours.  I shared a seat with mom for the flight, but had my own little bassinette to sleep in.  It was pretty nice to get to stretch out for my snooze.  The last leg to Bangkok was a quick 3 hours.  I finally took another nap right when we landed at noon BKK time on Thursday 12/29.  I took a good long 4 hour nap and then spent the afternoon exploring the condo.  The first pic includes Mr. Brad who married mom and dad and is staying in KC to take care of the doggies.  I'll sure miss them.
It's a lovely 80 degrees and sunny here.  There was a playground with sand, a swimming pool, and even a rocking horse that was waiting for me to arrive.  In the evening we went to a shopping mall to see what the locals buy and have dinner.  I was nodding off early on, but made it until 9pm (not too shabby with the 13 hour time difference).  I slept a solid 9 hours, woke at 6, and told mom and dad I was ready to start my day.
After breakfast we visited the condo club house before heading to my great Aunt Pom's house and to see my Khun Yai (great gma).  I met a bunch of my family for the first time.  My Uncle Sai was there and 2nd Cousin Jang as well.  I took a nice long nap while Mom, Dad, Uncle Dave, and BobBob all got massages.  We had dinner at a place called Silom Village where I saw some traditional Thai dance. 

On Saturday, December 31st we headed to a beach resort area called Hua Hin to ring in the new year.  Thank you Pa Pat for letting us hang out at your condo.  I went there with all my "aunties" which are Grandma Ta's friends that she went to grade school with.  As you can see, there are no car seat laws in Thailand so I had quite a good time jumping from the front seat to the back.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and a prosperous 2012.  Mom and dad are thankful to have such wonderful family and friends. 


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