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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Night in Bangkok

The new year has come and gone, along with my 100th post.  I'm slowly adjusting to the time change (slowly being the key word) but am finally back on schedule.  The night of the 31st I woke up on my own at 11:30 which was just in time to catch the fireworks display.  It was glorious.  I really enjoyed them and kept asking for more.

On Sunday, January 1st, I spent the morning by the pool, took a solid nap, then headed into town (in Hua Hin) to have lunch and as a fun surprise, Ta took me to a temple to get blessed and see MONKEYS!  Real live ones that you could feed by hand.  Or more like they took the food from you even if you weren't offering.  Very fun! 

Friday Buddha (the day of the week I was born)


Monday went for a morning swim and enjoyed lunch at the condo.  After nap time we packed up and headed back to Bangkok after saying goodbye to all my "aunties".  
The next day, we hung by BobBob and Ta's place before heading to have a noodle lunch.  Dada and "Unca" Dave left for Cambodia/Vietnam after lunch and then I headed with Mom to GGma's house to meet my Great Aunt Tim. I'll miss them both a ton and will see them in 11 days.  Na Tim's dog definitely helped distract me from remembering they are gone. 

This last pic doesn't have to do with anything in particular, but it did make me laugh.


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