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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tiger Says Roar

Wednesday, January 4th was spent poolside in the morning.  The water is a little chilly, but it's still fun.  In the afternoon we took the skytrain to Central (a big department store) and then ate at Food Loft which is a fancy food court complete with fountains.  Central had a play area for kids including a working miniature carousel.

Thursday was Great Grandma's birthday.  We headed to Yai Pom's house first thing in the morning where I enjoyed watching the monk's bless her.  We all had a BIG lunch with all of the family before settling in for a big nap.  While I slept (for almost 3 hours!!!) Mom and BobBob went for a foot massage.  $30 total for an hour massage for both and a pedicure for GPa, including tip.  Not too shabby.

Before heading back to the condo we went to the park nearby and did the usual park type activities.  You know...slide, teeter totter, watching lizards eat fish, and aerobics.  We also saw some cheerleaders although their uniforms are quite different from the US.

On the 6th we headed to the zoo with Yai Pom.  It was a hot morning and a lot of the animals were sleeping, but we scored big when we found the seal show and followed up with an acrobatic/elephant show.  I saw something I hadn't see in the US.  At the end of the shows the kids went forward with money and the seals/elephants grabbed the money.  Genius.

In the afternoon, more pool time was to be had.  Of course.  This time I had some friends to play with.  Na Peng and Na Pairat dropped by for dinner.  They've said I've grown a lot since seeing them this summer



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