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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Walk in the Park

So I knew my hospital visit would be at least one or two days, but so far I've wrapped up my third night here.  The days have kind of blurred by, but they mostly entail regularly getting my temperature checked via the ear, taking meds such as cough, antibiotics, vitamins, and decongestants, not getting my usual amount of sleep, and enduring the usual hospital food (the trend of bad food seems to span countries).  On a positive, I've gotten used to most things and suffer through them without many tears such as choking down said meds, but I still say "No" every time a nurse comes in the door.

Between all the bad parts, there have actual been some highlights.  First off I've had lots of visitors.  Mostly family, but it's been great to see everyone.  Lots of time driving the hallways in my car (and yes, it's legal to drink and drive as you can see from the pic), there's an outdoor terrace where I can feed the fishies, and a couple of phone calls from dad (he's back from Vietnam tomorrow along with Uncle Dave).  The nurses are super sweet and love my curly hair...we even had balloon time together one afternoon.

I will highlight the worst part of my stay.  After taking me off the IV and my fever going away, doc told me yesterday that I have a lot of congestion in my chest.  I can't cough it out like an adult so they ordered breathing treatments and suction for me.  The first breathing treatment scared the bejeebers out of me.  By the 3rd time it was old hat and I just watched a movie during it (they last about 5 minutes).  The suction part they've done twice now and it doesn't get better.  The basics are they put a coffee stir or cocktail straw size tube down my nose and suction out the mucus from my lungs.  Nurse told mom it doesn't really hurt, but as I'm sure she can tell from my crying/screaming, it's no walk in the park with Yai Pom.  I'll save you from seeing any pics of that part.  After the exhausting ordeal, I ended my night in the stroller.

I haven't seen the doctor yet (it's 10am here on Friday, January 13th - what a day huh?) but I'm hopeful I get to go back to the condo to relax and have more toys.  Mommy says I've been a rockstar and quite the little trooper, usually having a smile on my face.


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